Pinterest and Linkedin and Facebook – Oh My!


I’ve tried my best to sync up all my various social media accounts, but not all go together, so I thought I’d take a second to link to some of my other sites;

Facebook: on my page you can see updates on my current shows, links to events and the occasional fun photo.
Linkedin: my professional online presence, check it out for a detailed resume and some references.
Behance: my visual online portfolio, with projects for most of the shows I’ve worked on.

As you may know, I am also the Artistic Director of Bygone Theatre, so here are the links to accounts related to that

Facebook: our facebook page with detailed updates on our shows and related events.
Twitter: commentary on our shows and local theatre events, as well as coverage for things like The Tonys
Pinterest: I use this as my idea board for shows – check it out for our design inspiration.
Blog: anything related to the company and things of a related bygone era.